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Why does it matter? There are some criteria’s that a good band for exercise must match: It needs to be comfortable - absolutely no chafing allowed. It needs to handle sweat well. It needs to work well in water ideally dry quickly It needs to provide a close enough fit to ensure the heart rate monitor works well. With the above in mind, lets go ! The Leather Bands Leather with stainless steel These are not good for exercise, they will not handle sweat and water well, and if used for exercise, they tend to develop a smell once the...

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The Best Way to Clean and Take Care of your various Apple Watch Bands Are you aware that there is an inappropriate and appropriate way of cleaning your Accessories? Your Apple Watch Bands are no exception. The use of wrong cleaning solutions can harm your expensive watch band, aggravate your skin, and, most of all, void the warranty. Apple Watches are not cheap, they are cool as well as very valuable. They can be recognized easily from afar due to their sleek designs. When you harmonised an Apple Watch with a remarkable and stylish apple watch band, you know you’ve...

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