About Us

We started as a small family run business, just husband and wife. The idea behind starting was really our love for our Apple Watch, we noticed that the bands from Apple directly were not only limited in collection but also rather expensive. We always thought -why can't we find these manufactures and contact them directly-, so that is exactly what we did. In 2018 we officially opened our store, we started with manufactures in Puerto Rico and now have them in the US, China, UK and Portugal.

We really aim to provide a no thrills product, we purposely ask for no over the top expensive packaging or crazy mark ups, no fancy letters and stickers, we offer simply a great product alternative to Apple with the focus being the product quality and price... nothing else.

We have now sold over 20000 bands worldwide and we continue to grow with our objective to become the biggest, most affordable supplier of Apple Watch band and accessories with an amazing ever growing collection still very much alive.

We have come a long way and are now a team of 32. All rather proud to serve you and continue bringing you value.

Finally if this is your first time shopping with us, we'd like to offer you a little gift for reading our about us page all the way to the end - just enter the code 'about' into the coupon box at the checkout to receive an instant 10% discount. Just for our newest family members.

Thank you

StrapKing Team